At the beginning of every work day, I receive an email.

That isn’t anything out of the ordinary for most people. I’m sure for just about everyone with an office job, there are hundreds of emails waiting for them as soon as they get to their cubicle. But mine are a bit different. The email I receive is always from myself, my future self.

They are never anything cool or important. You would think that if your future self was going to break the space time continuum by sending your past self an email it would be worth while. Maybe lottery numbers. Maybe what the next global epidemic would be and how to avoid it. But no. Take today’s email for example.

Dear Scott,

Don’t drink any coffee today. Alice forgot to turn down the heat on the pot. It will burn your tongue.

Cheers, Future Scott.

I tried to explain it to my girlfriend, but she doesn’t understand the crazy time paradox stuff. She tuned me out with a sarcastic remark. “Why don’t you email yourself, telling you to not be so dumb?”

The idea was intriguing. Could I email my future self?

The next day I tried it.

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      1. The concept has been handled several ways and none of them are the easiest to grasp. I like how it makes me think. And the more I think about it, the deeper I get into the layers until it feels like I’m out of time as well.

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