Earth Day was once a day of celebration. Once.

We would look to the beauty and wonder of this planet and marvel. We would be awestruck by the design of the radical randomness of it all, and pay some overdue respect to our home. We would proclaim the need to do better by the Earth and its resources. We talked about clean energies and reducing our carbon footprint and evidence of our pollutant ways.

We used to do all these things.
But not now.

Now, Earth Day has become a holiday like any other; remembering something from the past.

No one has lived on the Earth for over 200 years. The closest anyone gets to the Earth now are the Moon colonies, the last outpost of the Old Regime. From there you can see what is left of the Earth. It was once blue and green. Now it resembles Mars at it once was, nothing more than red dirt covering the entire surface.

The people of the past talked a great game. Recycle this. Stop fracking. The Carbon Tax will fix that problem. If only they could see what all their talking got them, a dead red marble in space.

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