“Rule number one…”

I was only half listening. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. A time machine. A real time machine. I wasn’t totally sure what all there was going on in there, but I was excited. A time machine.

“John, listen. This is important.”

Doctor Bradshaw’s call snapped me back to the present.

“Listen. The first rule, about using my time machine, you can’t go back in time to murder Hitler.”

“What? What do you mean can’t? Isn’t that one of the most clique but totally obvious uses of a time machine?”

“Yes it is, but if you do that, the butterfly effect will give most time travel technology no motivation to be invented. Why build something if you destroy the reason you go?”

“Time paradox.”

“Exactly. And I am not going to be responsible for the destruction of the fabric of space and time.”

I couldn’t believe this. I was just logically strong-armed into promising that I wouldn’t time travel and kill Hitler. I hated that the Doctor was right, but I had to give it to him.

“So why build a time machine then?”

The doctor turned, with a brilliant smile.

“To prove creationism…”

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