We were told that the giant red spot on the Southern Hemisphere of Jupiter was a storm. A colossal cyclone of destruction that never seemed to move, never seemed to get bigger. It simply hung here, a birthmark on the face of the largest planet in our solar system.

We were wrong.

What we thought was an innocent storm, something of a natural phenomenon on the gas giant, was not a weather pattern stuck on pause.

It was far more destructive, far more dastardly than we could have suspected.

Let me explain.
We were not alone in the universe. We were not alone in the solar system.
We haven’t been for about 4 millennia.

Beneath the thick gas atmosphere of Jupiter is a solid planet. Not a planet that carbon based life forms could exist on, mind you. But life still exists there.

A race of creatures called the Nu Annath evolved and developed, more rapidly and more more advanced than we did on Earth. The technological wonders of our glory days were comparable to their caveman era tools.

Under the protective winds of the Red Spot, they constructed their greatest weapon, their single source of offense power, the Note.