“Mister President, the copter will be here in 5 minutes.”

“Thank you, Lisa.”

That may be the last time she calls me President.

He leaned back in his office chair, and breathed in deeply.

The end is here. I will never again be President Barak Obama.

A small, satisfied smile crept onto his face and lingered there for a while. All the things that he had accomplished in the last 8 years, all the people that have been blessed by the countless hours he had put in. All the lives that he had bettered with his policies, pardons, and military decisions. They may not have been popular, but he felt certain that in time people would see them as good things.

In the distant, he could hear the copter coming. It would be the last time that he and his family got to fly in such style.

It wasn’t something that he had shared with anyone outside of his inner circle. The future plans of the first Afro-American President were a closely guarded secret. Thinking upon that, Barak smiled his iconic smile.

Soon, I will have the job I really want, manager of the local D.C. soup kitchen.

Photo Credit: Marcie Braden, Flickr



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