Take a step outside. Go ahead. I dare you.

It has been 13 years since the prophesy. Today is the 13th day of the month. And, to add to your superstitious soul’s terror, it is Friday. And you, the 13th of your family born since that day. I’m sure you have nothing to fear. So, don’t be a coward. Go outside.

It’s not like the first was killed in the car accident. Truly, such things are tragic. But when someone is run over in a closed parkade, and the security footage shows no one in the driver’s seat, you have to be troubled.

The second and the third were taken by the trains. I’ve seen vehicles stall on train tracks before, but to have that happen, just as a miscommunication between trains leads to a high speed, head-on collision right where they stopped… that’s a special kind of horror.

I know that Four, Seven, Nine, Ten, and Eleven were taken by, as the hospital said, natural causes. But all of them had the exact same progression of symptoms. First the stomach pain, then the kidney failure, followed by lung failure, then, inexplicably, heart implosion. Medical phenomenon, they said. In five different people, within the three month.

Five was taken in the fire at the lumber yard, and Six died upon falling into Five’s open grave. As for Eight, well, Eight walked under a scaffold, some might call it a ladder, just as the wind swept by the building. It collapsed on her. She just about made it, too. But then the ambulance crashed on the way to the hospital, killing Twelve.

So you, Lucky 13, are the only one left. The odds are against something happening to you. But then, the odds have never been in your favour.
Take a step outside. Go ahead. I dare you.