“And this is the master bedroom.”

“Oh, look John. It has a walk in closet.”

The prospective buyers raced into the closet and I stood calmly where I was. It was expected for people to run around, to rush off to look at something they saw in the house. As a realtor, I know that is one of the signs that someone is interested in purchasing a home. And the way that John’s wife raced into that walk in closet tells me that they are going to come out and ask how much for the house.

I just don’t want to have to explain the basement. Not again.

John poked his head out off the closet. “Excuse me?’


“We’re interested in what the house is going for, but I’m confused. How has no one bought this house already? It has everything that you could possibly want.”

Great. They noticed.

“Well, this house does come with a bit of a colourful past.”

Now John’s wife poked her head out. “Oh no. Was there a murder committed here?”

“No. Oh no. Nothing like that. It’s the basement…it was used as a werewolf slaughter house.”


That’s where I always lose my customers.