In 14 Easy, Non-sequential Steps
And Other Important Rules

By. I. M. Latte

If you are reading this, then I am dead.

But I could also be alive.
Time travel gets complicated and depending on when you read this, I may or may not be alive on the Earth to help explain it all. Sometimes people declare you dead when you haven’t been home in 300 years.

Before we get too carried away, I want to establish something right away.

Thought Doctor Who and other fantastical television shows display time travel happening throughout the Galaxy, that is not how time travel works. We are, as of writing this, confined to the time and space of the Earth. But when I am editing this before publication, people have time travelled on the Moon, so that may not be true anymore. Again, time travel, it’s confusing.

However, for a beginner, like yourself, set your sights on time traveling here, where and when things are safer, and there are very few chances that you will accidentally travel right into an intergalactic battle royale that took place on the surface of a once thriving metropolis on the Moon.


Now, step one.

Obtaining a time traveling device.