I have been a puppet president for the last two years.

It started with an anonymous note on my desk. I thought it was from the Clintons or some former President. No such luck. It told me to go the basement of the White House to receive my instructions.

Long story short, no president in America history has done what they wanted. Everyone has been instructed, threatened, or brainwashed into doing whatever the Superiors desired.

I’ve done things that I campaigned against. Things that I swore I would never do. I have become the eyesore of this nation because the Superiors told me too.

I get an envelope on my desk every morning instructing me on what to do or say for whatever the day has scheduled. Every speech. Every tweet and comment. But today…

There was no envelope. There was no instruction.

Are the Superiors gone? Are they angry with me?
They assassinated two Presidents before, two presidents that angered them because they didn’t listen. You know which two I’m talking about. AL and JFK.

What is going on?
Am I next to be assassinated? Did Marilyn take the letter off my desk?

Dear God, what is going on?

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