“The less you know about this, the better. Just drop the subject…”

Wilhelm slumped in his seat. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“…and pick a different class.”

All Wilhelm had wanted was to take the intro to political sciences class in his senior year of high school, and now had to listen to his guidance counselor shut him down. It was a critical part of his 5 year plan. Take this class, graduate with honors, get an internship at the governor’s office, work his way up through the ranks until he got a paid job working with one of the most powerful men in the country. In the 15 to 20 year plan, there was a transition from governor’s aid to governor himself, but that wasn’t going to be possible now.

“So, what class do you want? Woodworking, Native American History, Cosmetology, or Advanced Arch welding?”

Why couldn’t he take Intro to Political Science?


“Uhh, sorry Ms. Cranthorn. Why can’t I take the class? Is it full?”

“No, it’s not, but I can’t let you take it.”

“But why? I need…”

Mr. Cranthorn barked, “It’s because I know something you don’t know. You can’t take that class.”