The library has always been my favourite place to go. I love the books, their stories, and the peace they bring me. I also like the lack of people.

With the invention of digital books and constant internet searches, the modern day library has become a very quiet place. Why look up in an encyclopedia what one could easily find in a “Google Search”, or as some people say, “Google it”? And why both picking up the latest sci-fi adventure novel when you can just “pirate” a PDF from your favourite pirating website. I mean, that’s what they’re for, right?

But for me, it’s about being alone, with a good book, and losing myself in the story. Being swept away in crime/mystery novels, wondering at every turn “Who did it”. Or getting pulled along in a romantic novel, wishing desperately that the heroine would stop being so blind to the hero’s undying love.

It’s when people floor the library for book signings that bother me. Those who would never step foot into my sanctuary suddenly appear as if they always had the right. Though, today, I’m not so bothered. Today, my favourite novelist is here.

And there, sitting right in front of me, he is looking at me.

I open my mouth and say what I’ve always wanted him to hear.