The centers’ sticks slashed at the puck, cracking against each other. In the midst of their movements, the puck skirted down the ice, towards the opposing defensemen. The left defenseman swept up the puck and skated hard up the left side. Just as our team’s right winger, Teddy, moved in for the body check, the defenseman shot the puck deep into our defensive zone.

Our goalie, Eddie, moved quickly to corral the puck. With a quick look, he saw Sam, our centerman, moving towards the middle of the ice. He was wide open. Leaning hard into the shot, Eddie vaulted the puck over the charging opponents and landed the pass perfectly on Sam’s stick. Sam and Teddy skated quickly over the offensive zone blue line. They spread out, causing the defensive pair to also split. Sam deked left, then quickly snapped his wrist, sending the puck towards the opposing defenseman. But just as the defenseman thought he had the puck, Teddy swept in and drove the puck to the net. The goaltender moved out, aggressively trying to spot the offensive attack. But Teddy was too quick for him.

With lightning quickness, Teddy shift from right to left, around the goaltender. Teddy found himself before an open net, unopposed.

He raised his stick and brought it down hard.

Game Over.