Row upon row. Aisle upon aisle. Shelves stacked to the roof, with ladders built on rails for easier access.

This is my favourite room. Ever since I was shown this room, I haven’t wanted to leave. Apart from eating and sleeping, I spend every waking hour here. I’ve read hundreds…No. That would be too few. I’ve read thousands of books. From ancient philosophy to modern science; classic fairy tales to a new mystery.

I remember my first day. I walked down the every isle, not quickly as any child would at finding a vast maze, but slowly; reverently. Here before me was a vast, perhaps the largest, collection of human knowledge. One should not simply rush past infinite knowledge. You should be honoured to be allowed in such a place. Honestly, I think my parents were trying to get me out of their hair. Oh shucks, what a punishment.

With a methodical approach, I began my quest to read every book in the place. Some books were exciting while other bored me near to death. But I continued, as it was my quest.

And today, I happened upon a mystery. A small, red-covered book with no title, no author.

I was about to read the greatest book ever written.

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