Dear Mister Rabbi. May I ask you a question.

It’s alright Unit 2301. You can just call me Rabbi.

Affirmative. Rabbi. Only if you call me OWEN.


Yes. Rabbi.

Hmm. Alright. Sorry, I just find it strange that you would pick that for your own name.

I see. My maker programmed me with a more wit and imagination than most. OWEN is a play on words. Or numbers rather. Instead of saying “zero one”, you could say “oh one”.

Haha. I get it. Oh One. Owen. That is quiet clever. And you came up with that yourself?


Wow. You really are something. I heard about you and the other units like you, but I never imagined this. Humor. Wit. Imagination. All programmed.

Yes. It is amazing.

Alright, Owen. You didn’t come to see me to prove what a clever maker you have. What is your question? Why have you come to see me?

My question is of a peculiar nature. One that I have no understand or reference for. However, I was told you would have an answer to my question.

I’ll do my best Owen.

Thank you. Rabbi. Is there room in Jewish Heaven for a robot.