Peace was in this land. But that changed when the people came. White people, from a far away land; from over the Great Sea. They came in boats, more than four times a canoe. Their words were strange to us, and they waved their arms in foolish gestures, attempting to make us understand. But it was not us who lacked understanding.

They seemed to think that since they had landed on our shores, they owned our land. They made houses without our permission. They made cities without our consent. They made armies without our council. These foreigners, naming themselves a nation apart from other White people, fought against men in red jackets. They did not ask for our help; they demanded it. Their threats about our land being taken from us fell on deaf ears: you cannot lose what has already been stolen from you.

And yet, here we stand, some hundreds of years later, on the edge of extinction. They call to the world, saying “This is our land. We are free. We are strong.”

But they are not strong. They are not free. And this is not their land.

Today begins our revenge. We are taking our land back.