The Man in Red moved quickly through the forest. He knew the Princess need his help and fast. He leapt over the boulder with ease, and continued his quick pace.

It had been numerous adventures, leading the Man in Red to this day. Some days, he was victorious; some days, he failed. But every day had brought its lessons, and he had learned from them. At times, he felt small, too small to save the Princess. And, other days left him feeling twice as tall, big enough to overcome any obstacle.

Thinking back, the Man in Red even recalled days where his energy seemed limitless. There were days when he felt he could move faster than his thoughts, that he was untouchable. And still again, there were days where he thought he could fly. But those days were few and far between.

And now, with the enemy castle in sight, the Man in Red knew that today was going to be the day. He had faced numerous agents of the enemy. Some had taken more than one attack to defeat; others had fallen at his feet without very much effort.

The Man in Red ran to the door of the castle, opened it, and entered.