Winnifred Wilma Watson sat in the courtroom. The judge was scanning through her case file, glancing up from time to time at her attorney and at the attorney of the man she was suing. There was a lot of evidence to support Ms. Watson’s claims, and Mr. Berners-Lee knew it. 

About twenty years earlier, Ms. Watson had become an associate of Mr. Berners-Lee. He had been attempting a major breakthrough in computers, which were Ms. Watson’s specialty. She assisted Mr. Berners-Lee in creating several intricate codes to assist in his proposal for an information management system. When their proposal went through, they had worked hard on creating what is called a Hypertext Transfer Protocol. After a few months, Mr. Berners-Lee had taken some time off to rethink his approach. It was during this time, in mid-November, that Ms. Watson had a breakthrough and successfully communicated between server and client.

Her success was taken by Mr. Berners-Lee. He didn’t even include her as a contributor to this monumental breakthrough. Well, except for the biggest insult. Mr. Berners-Lee had used Ms. Watson’s full initials as the basis on any website on the internet.

It matched the signature of Ms. Watson.


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