Hey Dad.

How are you doing?

I’m doing great. Wish you were here. You would love this view. The sunlight. The quiet water. You can almost hear the grass growing, it is so peaceful here.

Things haven’t been the same without you around. I mean, I am having a wonderful time here. But there are moments when I am so happy, and enjoying life so much that I turn to see your smile…. But I’ll see you soon. I know. I’m sure of it.

I know that you have had a lot of bad days lately. Some worse than others, some that were almost too much to bear. But you are a fighter. If you taught me anything, it has that. You have to fight to survive. And you are a survivor Dad.

Can’t wait to see you finally rest from all your fighting. To be able to put the gloves down and relax, and just be you again. I miss that guy.

The guys and I were talking about you today, and well, we have a reunion planned for you when you get up here. You are really going to enjoy heaven Dad.

See you soon,

Your son,


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