It finally happened, but it was nothing like we expected. Aliens finally invaded Earth.

They came in droves. Millions and millions of little green men and women coming to colonize our home world. Every civilization trembled in fear. Leaders took shelter, with their collective fingers on the big red button to engage in intergalactic war. As they got closer and closer, we watched as they moved over top of every major coastal city. The “experts” figured that they would destroy the major cities, cause a global earthquake storm and then annihilate what was left of us. They were wrong.

Each alien spacecraft floated over the coastal cities and landed in the oceans. Hundreds of thousands of UFO’s landing in all the different water bodies across the world.

The world held it’s breath. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. We expected death and destruction, but this was something else.

After weeks of the alien spacecraft doing nothing but bobbing up and down, the tops opened. And water gushed out. With the water came the aliens. For hundreds of years, we suspected that the aliens would walk on the land as we do.

But they functioned more like squids. Then they started to build their water cities.

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