It was October 31, 2020, the day before the Presidential Election.
There were no candidates.

President Trump had run the country into the ground, just as he had with all of his businesses. Never before had a country been so bankrupt. Greece, with all of their problems, were in a better state than America.

There were no jobs. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and every other influential company had moved within the first year of Trump’s presidency. The deficit that he ran from declaring war on every country at once ran into the quadrillions. The population of the whole country dwindled to a couple million, and those left there continued to rebel against the administration, trying to correct the evil that had been done. But it was to no avail. America had almost flat lined, and there was no reviving her.

No one wanted to tackle the giant problems that Trump had brought up them all. No one knew where to begin, so no one tried.

Trump decided in his third year as President that he was going to give up, and left the White House. Everything crumbled.

Now, a day before Election Day, we have no hope, no leader, no President.

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