What kind of trajectory was Canada on in 2016?

Where was the Great White North heading?

What were the goals of the nation, the priorities?

How were people thinking and voting for, spending their time and money?

I wish I knew. Then maybe Canada wouldn’t be in this mess.

From what I have learned, what started us all down this path was a new tax measure. They had called it a “tax on carbon”, which is a joke really. All life on what’s left of this planet is made up of carbon. What it really was, was a tax on emissions. But no one liked the sounds of “emissions tax”. And if it was called “emissions tax” then the big companies and factories might actually have to change or pay. The government didn’t want to lose any jobs or employers or business, so they only taxed the middle and lower case.

I will say this about the Canadian government of the past. They stuck to their gold plated guns, and screwed over 99% of their country.

In 4 months, 56% of the country was in debt up to $80,000. No one could afford to drive to work, and businesses couldn’t afford to be open, yet alone have employees. The whole economic system collapsed under the weight of this new tax.

And then things got worse.

People started to riot. They started burning down government buildings and businesses. Parliament Hill became an ash heap after one crazed Canadian sacrificed himself as a suicide bomber. The cause for which he fought? Not Islam. Not ISIS. He died fighting for a reversal of the “carbon tax” on all Canadians.

The world watched all this with wonder and horror. If this is what happens to a peaceful nation when it is taxed into the poor house…they would have no part of it. The United States closed their northern borders, and looked for alternatives to carbon taxation. The European Union, made stronger by Britain remaining involved, aborted all carbon taxation plans, and set to work on a new plan.

Not every nation watched and learned from Canada’s example. A handful of Afrian dictators tried to tax their followers and those that they enslaved. They were soon meet with the same results; anarchy. Most of those dictators did not live to see what would become of their little armies or nations. In most cases, they would be the last leaders those areas would ever know.

Russia and China looked at what Canada was going through and did the unthinkable. They declared war.

They weren’t fighting together, at least not at first. They individually declared war. China started by having a war submarine launch missiles into the heart of Vancouver. With the nation turning to give aid to the Western coastal hub, Russia struck another hub. Having been snubbed and refused when they offered assistance during the Fort McMurray fires, Russian launch missiles into the middle of the oil fields in northern Alberta.

Those two catastrophes would be the next two dominoes in the downfall of Canada. The carbon tax would be the first, but these three would hardly be the end.

The fire in Alberta raged for five months. With many first responders helping the wounded in Vancouver, the oil fires were left to blaze and raze wherever they pleased. Their unchecked power destroyed over a billion hectares of forest, from Alberta, across Saskatchewan, and breaching the Manitoba border. Because of the fires, oil production halted. Diesel, gas, propane, and natural gas supplies were completely used by the first responders, fire fighters and armed forces.

Canada was too weak with these two single attacks, that they did not mount a defense nor retaliate. She simply slumped over and licked her wounds. But what was coming next would be to great a wound to lick better. It would be the last strike that would send Canada, and to world into chaos.

In a move to still prove that they were a force to be reckoned with, North Korea attempted to hack into the financial databases of the five largest Canadian banks. This proved to be a frivolous fight. While these hacks may have had a whole country supporting them, the big five banks easily kept them out. But it was all a diversion, the wave of a magician’s hand to distract from the actual trick. North Korea deleted the entire Canadian federal bank account. While that seems foolish, a country with no income, no exports, and suddenly no actual funds in which to speak of is a country that will soon dissolve. What money Canada did have in the world markets suddenly was misplaced. What funds were invested in companies so mysteriously withdrawn and deposited in offshore accounts. Canada became a bankrupt country. While her forests and other natural resources burned, while her people lay dead and dying, North Korea pulled out all the stops and did the what everyone had feared they might do.

On June 28, 2021, an atomic bomb was dropped. Then another. Then another. A total of 12 atomic bombs were dropped, one for each of the capital cities. The destruction was total, and the waves of devastation moved beyond our borders, infecting large portions of the United States.

This was fortunate for a few, including myself. The territory of Nunavut, and the capital city of Iqaliut, was not on the map of Canada that North Korea was working from. I write all this from what is left for livable space in Canada. Here on Baffin Island, close to the settlement of Pangnirtung, I pen the last words of Canada’s history. What a cataclysmic end to a great nation. It’s end coming on the celebration of her birth. I weep for the home of freedom and peace that we once were. Now, it is the birthplace of death and misery, a global reminder of humanities’ black heart.

Happy Canada Day, my fallen countrymen.

Happy Birthday Canada, I’m sorry we treated you so poorly.

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