I hate this part.

It’s not the President herself that I don’t like. It’s what happens after they get sworn into office, and they call me in to talk. They all have. Every president that has held office since we were established as asked to have a meeting with the Central Intelligence Agency’s director. They want to know what is going on behind the curtain. And I am bound by oath to tell them.

After the first Clinton was in office, and the previous director didn’t tell him anything about Roswell or the aliens, or the particle accelerator that exploded under the Pentagon in ’65, Congress decided that we had to be transparent. Not transparent with the American people, just the President. Too much of what we know would scare the average American.

When Obama was in office, he didn’t call the CIA right away. He waited well into his term . What do you think made his hair go white? I told him things he didn’t want to know.

Standing at the door to the Oval Office, all I can think about is how much I wish I wasn’t the director.

Why did the last one have to be assassinated?