We always thought that we were the highest form of evolution on the planet. Maybe not the smartest, not the most unique, but the highest on the food chain. Somehow we thought we were the best that had crawled out to the primordial ooze.

We had thought this so hard, believed it so hard, that it became a part of our pop culture. Comic books and movies were made about people that continued to evolve, to mutate, to grow beyond this primitive human form and take the next step in evolution.

3 weeks ago, my dad, my uncle, and two oldest cousins decided to go hunting. It was the middle of deer season and everyone wanted to get a new rack for the garage wall. I had caught the flu only days before, meaning that they went without me. Maybe it was for the best, because the horror story my cousins told me…

My dad went to shoot a deer. It saw him. And then blasted my dad to death with laser vision.

My cousins and uncle stood there terrified. The deer started to move toward them. My uncle raised his gun. Then he was vaporized.

“Run”, the deer whispered.


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