“One more light year, Captain, and we’ll be the furthest from Earth any human has ever been.”

“Yes, thank you Lieutenant.”

I don’t know why she was so excited about it. One more light year and then what? People will travel further than this in three weeks time. We are the scout ship. We go out first and assess the potential danger and investigate any possible benefits of this sector of space.

Oh, who am I kidding? I know the truth. All these astronauts will dead with 24 hours.

This is not a scouting mission. I lied, under instruction, to all these recruits. I said that our long range sensors couldn’t pick up anything in this space sector, so it demanded a visual inspection. After that, other missions would come out to assess the dangers and benefits of travel to this area. The truth is that each of these recruits was handpicked by my superior, for one reason or another and shipped out here.

We will go further than any human has ever been. Then they will be the first to die so far from home, and I will be the first intergalactic murderer.

What have I gotten myself into?

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