This is the last newspaper article to ever grace the page of The New York Times.

To condense the glory of this organization, over all the decades of publication, through all the historic events and horrific catastrophes, would be to diminish the great power that this newspaper has been.

The Times has forever been a cornerstone in the printed media, the stick by which all others attempted to measure up. And it will go out it the blaze of glory that it is worthy of.

But while other writers will talk about the great times that have been had in the writers den, or the wonderful stories that have been covered, I wanted to say something different. Something that would stand apart from all the other articles and editorials. Something specific about this being the last newspaper article that will ever be printed under this publication.

While the way of the future is digital, there will never be a sweet smell and unique meeting of ink and paper again. While the reform of media is largely internet based, there will always be a strange ache in the hands of the people for something tangible.

You will be missed.
Goodbye paper.