As Albert left his school, he saw his usual walking-home-buddy, Mr. Balance, though Albert always called him Sam.

“Hello Albert,” called Sam as his little friend walked up.

They talked about what Albert had learned in school that day as they walked down the street. But as they rounded a corner, Sam could tell Albert had a question on his mind.

“What’s up, Albert?” Sam asked.

Albert stopped, and looked up at Sam. “Sam, what do you do?”

Sam laughed. “Oh, my boy, I’m retired.” Albert looked confused, so Sam continued. “I don’t work anymore. But, when I did, I was a guard. Kind of like a police officer. I would in the Angels’ Legion.”

“Where is that?” Albert inquired.

Sam smiled at the boy’s curiosity. “Well, that’s a might bit difficult to explain. You see…”

Sam was cut off by the sudden scream of tires. The two looked up the street and saw a car speeding their way. Just down the street, between them and the car, there was a man crossing the street. The man walked with one hand out stretched, his other hand waving a cane across the ground.

“He can’t see the car coming,” Sam whispered. He scanned the sides of the road. His voice rose. “And there’s no one with him!”

“What is it, Sam?” Albert asked, glancing back at the speeding car, still barreling down the street.

Sam knelt down quickly. “Albert. I need you to do something for me. And fast!” Albert looked afraid but nodded. Sam spun Albert around, so he was facing the blind pedestrian. “Go help that man. Get him off the road.”

“But I’m just a kid,” Albert said. Sam shook his head.

“You’re more than that, Albert. Now go! Go!”

Albert took off, running as fast as he could. He saw the car getting closer, closer. Reaching the pedestrian, Albert saw he only had time to push the blind man out of the way. That would mean Albert wouldn’t be able to get out of the way.

The car was on them. With all his strength, Albert shoved the man aside. The blind man stumbled, and fell clear of the speeding car. Albert braced himself for the hit.

But it never came. When Albert opened his eyes, the car was past him and slamming on its brakes. People were running over from nearby houses, but they crowded around the car and blind man. No one seemed to notice Albert. That is, except for Sam.

Albert looked up at Sam, shock and confusion flooding his face.

“Sam,” he gasped. “What… I mean, how?”

Sam smiled weakly, running his fingers through his hair.

“Well, boy, it’s time you learned about who we really are.”

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