People compare it to the biblical flood story of Noah now. But when it started, we didn’t think anything of it.

It started in the rainy cities. Seattle, Vancouver, any city along the Western seaboard started to get their regular rain in the proper season. Most described it as the ideal romantic rain; large water droplets, but not heavy. Newspapers and weathermen didn’t make a big deal about, saying things like it was normal or we needed the extra moisture anyways.

But after two weeks of non-stop rain, people started asking questions. By that point, it wasn’t just the West Coast either. Cities on the other side of the Rocky Mountains were getting rained on as well. For them it was worse, as the clouds moved towards them, the rain melted the snow and ice, causing a flood of all the rivers.

It didn’t stop. The clouds never went away. They stayed and continued to pour down on us. It moved across the continent. And then the world. There was no stopping it.

In the Noah story, the rain fell for 40 days and nights. The rain has been falling for 38 years.

Water covers 90% of the Earth.

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