“Remember this face! This is the face of the man that killed your God!”

The crowd that had gathered looked on in horror.

He continued to climb the giant statue of the great god, moving towards the head. Which a sword in his hand, it proved a difficult climb, but there was no mistaking his determination. He truly intended to kill Zeus.

Philip was done with the gods of Olympus. They had not heard his cries. They had not answered his prayers. With the passing of his wife, it proved to be the straw that broke his back. Finally, he ascended onto the shoulders of the statue. He began to hack at Zeus’ head. This god was going to die.

As he moved to give the final devastating flow to the head from Zeus’ statue, a fearsome lightning bolt raced through the temple. An explosion with the force to clear the building of people and animals slowly cleared. Standing in the rubble of his arrival, the God Zeus stood up, lightening bolt firm in his hand. With vengeance radiating from his being, Zeus opened his mouth.

“Remember this face, O Philip. This is the face of the God that killed you.”