The legend is true: Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.

But as is the case with most stories, that is only half of it. The sword that Arthur pulled from the stone that day was the sword that gave him his rightful lordship over England. But he failed to pull out the second sword.

There was always a second sword in the stone, though most could not see it. Merlin could see it, but he never spoke of it. He knew a terrible power and violent end that would come to the one that unsheathed that sword. It was The Sword in The Shadow, and the one that was worthy of pulling it out would be Master of the Darkland.

This was to be Arthur’s destiny as well. The Swordbearer, King of Camelot, Ruler of England, Master of the Darkland, however, in a twist of fate, someone else pulled the second sword from the stone.

The one that carried this sword would not rise up for decades, almost at the time of Arthur’s death, but he would not pass before seeing the raw power of The Sword in The Shadow, or it’s wielder. Their name was Magog, Lord of Tavensburg.

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