At birth, depending on your eye color, you are given a specific animal as a life long companion.For those with blue or grey eyes, a wolf is given. If you were to be born with brown or hale coloured eyes, you would be given a bear cub. The few that have green eyes, they will receive a baby gorilla as a life companion.

My eye color is red.

It’s an oddity. No one in my family has red eyes. There are only three other people in the world that have red eyes. Scientists haven’t figured out why it happens. There is not genetic link between us. At best, they determined it was a coincident.

I don’t know if I believe them.

Because the four of us had a different eye color, they decided that we should get our own animal companion. That was when things started to go down hill. Science started turning the wheel that would lead to our destruction.

If I could go back and change it now, I would. But I was too blind to see that the four of us red-eyes were at the centre of our demise.

My animal companion was a dragon.

You enjoyed this story enough, I wrote more. Enjoy, Part Two is here.