(Be sure to read Part One and Two before you read Three.)

I was alone with my thoughts. Kyle had left hours ago, but I remained sitting in my living room, unmoved.

What was I going to do about Tabitha?

My word, my honour, my reputation, even my future political career were on the line. If I didn’t follow through on this promise, I would have nothing.

But if I married her…I would have dead cats filling my house.

The thought made me shutter. The smell of chemicals and resin had always made me sick. If she lived with me, it would be everywhere. Forever.

I looked at my watch, praying that it was a decent hour. 3:20. It was too early for a drink. But I needed something to distract me from this Tabitha problem. What did I have that would help me relax and numb this pain?


I got up to answer the phone.


I paused before I pressed talk. Did I have my number online? Could anyone find me? Like Tabitha? The thought started to give me a headache. But truth spoke clearly thought the pain. Even if it was her, I had to face the music at some point.

After a hard swallow, I hit talk and said hello.

“Well, hello there handsome.”

“Oh, hi Sara.”

“You didn’t answer my text last night. Are we still on for tonight?”

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