“Why isn’t NASA or some other exploration organization exploring the oceans?”

“Grandpa, you need to stop it with your conspiracies.”

“They are not conspiracies. And if you would listen for half a second, you might actually learn something.”

I was tired of this. Grandpa was losing his mind. Conspiracy theories were just the latest episode in his battle with brain cancer. The cancer had started eating away at the memory portion of his brain, then began releasing chemicals and toxins into others. The doctors said that this was why he suddenly went off the deep end.

“It’s not a conspiracy, Tyler. Think about it. NASA keeps spending millions upon billions of dollars trying to get out there. What is so bad down there that they want to get away?”

“Alright, Grandpa. I’ll play along.” That always calmed him down. “Sure, maybe NASA knows something we don’t. But there still are people doing ocean exploration.”

“But not where NASA used to train.”

This was new information. Usually Grandpa just kept ranting about how the US government spent their money. Not this.

“Okay, Grandpa. I’ll bite. Why?”

“Because they know what’s under the surface. Something that sent them running to the stars.”

You liked this story so much, I added more. Check out Part Two!

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