Some of you may have noticed that I have been writing a lot more 200 word stories recently. That is the result of a small, although surprisingly impactful, change I have made here.

I have decided to offer you the reader the chance to see stories I write go further than the 200 words. If you find something I have written to interest you, clicking the LIKE button will show me that there is something here that you want explored. And I am happy to do that for you.

So, it is simple.

If a story receives 5 likes, I will write another 200 word story, a Part Two if you will.
If a story receives 10 likes, I will write another 500 word story.
If a story receives 20 likes, I will write another 100 word story.

I will continue writing the story until there is not sufficient likes, or I feel that I have written the story to its completion.

As this is something new happening at 200 Word Stories, you will see this happening with all the new stories as they come out.

I do plan on going back through the archives and writing more for previous stories that meet the 5, 10, or 20 likes criteria.

This new endeavor will not get in the way of regular 200 Word Stories being published. They will continue to be posted on every odd day of the month. So regular readers, do not worry.

Before I go, I want to say thank you for all your support. I don’t think I could have been writing this many stories for almost a year now without you reading them. Thank you for helping me in my growing as a writer and story teller.

Thank you so much.

See you in the comment section.