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I had been dating Sara on and off for 4 months. She didn’t want to be exclusive at first, but things had been going well over the last few dates. There was lots of laughing, long stares, smiles that held a secret behind them, great meals, memorable times together; everything that you would want a dating relationship to be.

But no matter how good the 4 cheese lasagna was, I couldn’t full invest myself in the night. Sara was talking about her new boss, something about how he filed some papers. While normally I was an attentive listener, a question was occupying my thoughts.

Do I tell Sara about Tabitha?

There wasn’t anything to tell, part of me said. I wasn’t in a relationship with Tabitha. We had never dated. I wasn’t seeing her. We only agreed to a life long commitment together…and then another part of me said that I should tell Sara.

Whatever happened did influence her in a way. If I decided to go through with this marriage, what would become of our budding romance? If I decided to leave Tabitha high and dry,…could Sara love a man that couldn’t keep his word?



“You aren’t listening to me. What are you thinking about?”

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