Mr. Phillips walked up the stairs to the platform and stepped up to the speaker’s box. He glanced down at the ghost-written pages, trying to ignore the glare of the camera lights.

“Thank you all for coming today.”

Mr. Phillips cleared his throat.

“At approximately one a.m. this morning, there was an air strike at the Capital. Several buildings were destroyed, hundreds killed and thousands injured. We only have rough numbers in right now, more details will be shared when we know more.”

Mr. Phillips frowned.

“According to our Intelligence, the attack was conducted by Canadian Forces.”

Mr. Phillips paused as the media personnel gasped in disbelief.

“We have received word that our nuclear weapons are offline, taken out by M the Chinese Anti-Terror Task Force. Our submarines and battleships have been commandeered by the British, French and Australian Forces.”

The sound of clicking keyboards and scribbling pens overtook Mr. Phillips’ words. He took a deep breath.

“Our President, while visiting Israel, was assassinated by an uprising of the Israeli Forces.”

The stunned silence in the room was deafening.

“As of this moment, the United States of America has crumbled. We are no more.”

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