At first, there was nothing. No sounds, no lights, not even colours or shades. It seemed like nothing was going to happen.

Then, slowly, a light began to grow. The light was brilliant, but fringed at the edge with hints of blues and purples and greens and yellows. Within the slowly growing lights, there was a small, faint hum. As the light grew, so did the hum. The hum grew louder and became a melody. If you paid close attention, you could note that the colours danced to the tune, rising and falling in shades, tones, and accents.

As the light grew, it separated. There were several that faded, began to spin and align. Tens of thousands spread out and moved far away, becoming stars. The central light, the one from the beginning light, moved to the front of the line and began to rotate. The music began to slow, and the faded orbs rotated around the central light. The melody broke into separate melodies, one for each world.

And as the music settled, it formed into beings; one titan on each planet. They took names and gave their names to their home worlds.

This was the formation of the universe.

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