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My dragon was named Salanth the Protector.

What she was meant to protect…I thought it was me. But sitting on the ashes of my home, my family…I only now realize how wrong I was.

Life companions are given to children for three reasons.

First, our world is a lonely one. While the villages and cities are large, populated by thousands of people, there is a spirit of distrust that hangs over everyone. No one believes anyone. No story is taken without a handful of salt.

Second, because the spirit of distrust looms, war is a regular aspect of life. Battle rage in corn field between neighbors. Wars are fought in the street between shop keepers. With so many fighting, and dying, the necessity for child rearing was obvious.

This would seem foolish to some, to give an animal to a child so that the animal can raise it. But you would be the fool to think that this animals are dumb.

Third, and maybe the most important, children need protection. Each life companion will grow up to become a ferocious warrior, each in their own way. The gorilla is a brawler. The wolf, a cunning strategist. The bear is a fair mix of the former two.

But the dragon…

For starters, no other life companion could take flight.


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