(Be sure to read Parts One and Two before you read this.)

“Monsters? Really Grandpa?”

The cancer had gotten the better of him. There was no way that the US government was spending billions upon billions of dollars trying to flee to the stars because they were scared of monsters in the sea. These were clearly the delusions of a man suffering from an inoperable brain tumor.

“Don’t give me that look. That ‘Oh, Grandpa’s gone crazy again’ look. You can try to blame the cancer for all my madness, but that doesn’t change what is true, young man.”

I headed into the kitchen, amazed at Grandpa’s awareness of how I felt. He shoveled another handful of potato chips into his mouth.

“Fine. These aren’t delusions. There are actually monsters in the ocean.”

“Who said just the ocean?” Grandpa replied, spraying chip particles everywhere.

“Look, if there were actual monsters in the oceans, why hasn’t anyone said anything about them? Where is the evidence? Where are the photos?”

“You think that the United States government would be so foolish as to release photos. No, my boy. Those never made it to the public.”

This is how a conspiracy works, I thought to myself.

“The monsters that frightened the US into space aren’t photographed. They are sketched on the edges of maps.”

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