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My childhood was like any other.

I went to school. I did my homework. I got picked on for being different, for having red eyes. But that is where my story takes a hard turn, differing greatly from everyone else’s. By the second grade, I was imprisoned for the multiple murders of my classmates.

I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill anyone. My dragon did. But because she was my life companion, my responsibility, the repercussions of her actions fell on me. So by the age of 7, I began to serve my nine life sentences, to be served one after the other.

Something to know about life companions, once they are given, they cannot be removed. My dragon was put into prison with me, though everyone fought to have her removed. They should have fought harder.

With Salanth by my side, it was only a matter of time before I was Prison Queen, and ready to move my army from prison to the world.

This was how I would seek my revenge for the teasing, for the parental abandonment, for how poorly everyone treated me.

It was also how Salanth would get her revenge on us, for what we did to her kind.

You wanted more. Now you’ve got it. Part Four is here!

6 thoughts on “My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Three

  1. Awesome read.
    Lots of great detailing and originality, something different to what I have read in a long time. A youngster in for life, a dragon, all came together so well.
    Thats one hell of an angry army about to break out!

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