Take a look outside. Just for a moment. Glance away from your screen and look outside.

Welcome back. Wait. Did you do it? Come on! Seriously, look away, put down your phone or whatever and look outside.  

All right, now that you’ve actually done it, let’s talk about what you saw. What did you see? For me, it was birds, trees, heavy traffic, and a slightly overcast sky.

Did you see it? That’s life. From the Road Rager to the Weary Pedestrian; from the quarreling crows to the swaying trees. Life. Not this. Not the device or computer or, as if, book you’re reading now. It’s not that.

Ever notice how on TV, they never sit down and watch TV. We gab about the lives of fictitious characters and wonder why we don’t have those lives or those stories or those adventures. Well, odds are it is because you spend your time watching life, and not living.

Even this. This book/web-story/spammed-email. It’s just a distraction. Yes, there is time to sit back and relax with a book or a movie. But don’t waste your life on it.

You could be the next Harry Bosch. Or Master Chef. Or Britain’s Got Talent thinger.

But not from here.

Get out. Live.

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