It’s not every day that you witness a human. To some of us, they all look alike; but, to others, those with keen eyes, there are many, subtle differences.

It can be as simple as the hair on their heads. The hair is always a tangled mess, resembling our nests, not our feathers. Their faces have tiny beaks, though some are large, but they speak and eat from a hole just below their beaks. Then there are the eyes. The ever wander eyes of the humans. Smaller than ours, and always darting about, looking for mischief.

For we, as you may have guessed, are the eagles. To my right, the glorious Bald Eagle, King of the Heights. On my left, the beautiful Golden Eagle, the Beauty of the Skies. As for me, I am the Steller’s Sea Eagle, Wisest among the Eagles.

We three sit in judgement. For upon this day, the humans have invaded our sanctuary, claiming it as their own, expecting no battle. The King, the Beauty and the Wise have gathered to determine if we should escape to another, deeper hiding place; or if we should attack.

The King raises his right talon.

The Beauty raises her right talon.

I, the Wise, raise my right talon.