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I should have known from the moment I picked up the Super Times that day, everything in my life was about to go downhill.

Whenever someone applies for a transfer has to put a notice in the Super Times paper. This is a professional courtesy, and also superhero and villain law. If you want to switch teams, from villain to hero, or vise versa, or a complete transformation, you need to let the entire superpowered community know.

At the top of the column, “Complete Transformations”, was the name of my nemesis: Dr. Terribleman.

I set down the paper and stared out the window.

Oh, Dr. Terribleman, what were you up to now? We had had some wonderful battles, all ending with you being thrown into prison once more. Why are you throwing in the towel? You had such promise.

I sighed. Who are you going to become, Terribleman? Will we still battle or will we fight side by side? Who will my nemesis be?
The paper didn’t say what kind of transformation he was making, so I continued to wonder.

What would it be like to fight this new Dr. Terribleman? Little did I know, I would soon find out.

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