Yea, I stole his woman.

He weren’t no good to her anyway. A woman like that deserve to be treated special. And there were no way that Nathaniel Brooks were treating that woman right.

So I done what any man woulda done.

I shot him in the chest. Then I took his woman.

Right now, she cookin’ me dinner. Runnin’ around the kitchen, tryin’ to get everythin’ right. She is a beautiful thang, all frazzled and what not. Her little hands tremblin’ as she makes the biscuits. Her quick glances over her shoulder towards me, her strappin’ly handsome rescuer. How could she keep her eyes off me? I am the finest lookin’ fella in the American Midwest.

She should be happy to be with me now. Brooks had her cooped up in some little house, watchin’ kids and chickens. That ain’t no life for a woman like her. I done give her a freedom that Brooks never gave her. Got rid of them chickens and kids.

I pull out my revolver, and gaze down the barrel. My slow smile reveals my beautiful yellow teeth.

Yeah, I stole a man’s woman. And there ain’t nothin’ anyone is gonna do about it.

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