My master told me to wait here, in the Mystic Mountains of Ki Uno. I had done that faithfully since that day. I was but a young man. Foolish, lacking any wisdom, but filled with a determination to honour my master and raise my family name out of the ashes.

He said, “Stay here. Wait for my instruction before you move on.”

“How long will that be?” My impatience then fills me with shame now.

“Again, you ask the wrong question, my apprentice.”

“What is the right question, master?”

“The right question, will you know my instruction when you hear it?”

My master was one for riddles. Always with the dualistic meanings to his questions and answers. How I wish I paid more attention to his teachings now. For I could use his guidance now. He told me to wait.

That was over 400 years ago.

This morning, during my meditation, a child stumbled upon my sanctuary. A strange, loud child insisting that I leave what has been my home for so long.

“Urbanization construction” was about to take place.

I am a Forgotten Warrior in a strange place. What am I to do? What new world has erupted around me?

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