Oh, what I would give to punch my boss in the face, I thought.

He did his anxious pace around the shop again, lurking over my co-worker’s shoulders to see if they had successfully leeched every last penny from the customer.

This guy made me sick. His attitude was childish. Snooping around. Actually guilting people into buying his product.

There he goes again.

Thankfully, I didn’t say that out loud. Though I wanted to more and more. It was a display of desperation and insanity. He made people feel bad for not spending money they didn’t have, and then was angry at us for not selling more stuff.

To add insult to injury, the boss didn’t order more product so that we could be selling. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to, it was that we couldn’t.

He wouldn’t change. Everything stayed the same and had been this way since the shop opened in 1999. I didn’t understand how he stayed in business when we couldn’t sell anything and he was unwilling to try any new way of bringing in money.


Now he’s yelling at me. Why does this man have to be my boss and my father?

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