Jonathon screamed with joy as his mother pushed him, until she couldn’t reach anymore. She ran under his swing, and whirled about to see him. More squeals and laughter came from Jonathon, as he swung back and forth, forth and back. His mother mirrored his smile, enjoying their day together.

It was Jonathon’s birthday. And he, the ever head-strong young boy, had decided that he and his mother would enjoy the park. And so here they were. First the swings, then the see-saw, and finally, with much prompting from Jonathon, the merry-go-round. Jonathon leapt upon the merry-go-round with a few other children, as Jonathon’s mother began to give the ride gentle pushes.

Faster. Faster. And still faster, the children called. Jonathon’s mother complied, keenly aware of exactly how fast she was spinning the ride. One little girl became nervous and wanted off the ride. Jonathon heroically slammed his foot into the dirt, slowing the merry-go-ride until the little girl could safely get off. Jonathon looked after the girl, then dismounted the ride. He walked over to his mother, who wore the biggest grin yet today.

She was so proud of her little man, willing to shorten his ride on the merry-go-round to help someone else.