Today is a great day.

I told my boss to go screw himself. I told him I was done with his moronic antics and attitude. I told him I had had enough of his ignorance and willful stupidity. I used every colorful and four-lettered word that I could think of to describe everything that I had been bottling up for almost five years. And then I quit.

Wow, did it feel good. I am on a high.

The moron stood there completely dumbfounded. Like he didn’t know that this was coming. I don’t know how he could have been so obtuse. When you manipulate your employees, when you lie to your clients, when you “forget” company policies and make up the rules as you go, you are going to be on the wrong end of a screaming match.

So I let him have it. Double barrels. The entire office watched in excitement. Almost as if they agreed with me, but were allowing me to be the mouthpiece for them.

I wish I could go back in there and do that all over. Just so I could feel that sweet release from that hell again.

Today is a great day.

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