“For the last time, Whip-It, you aren’t allowed into the Heroes of Canada!”

“But why?”

“We’ve gone over this. Do we really need to have this argument again?”

“My power isn’t just throwing discs, it’s…”

“I know. It’s throwing plasma infused hyper-discs with extreme velocity and accuracy.”


“Still. Your power is throwing discs. That doesn’t help anyone. What happens when you run out of discs? Can you plasma infuse other things?”


“See? This is why we won’t let you in. You don’t even know your own powers. How can we, the Heroes of Canada, count on you in a time of crisis, when you don’t know what you can and cannot do?”


“Look. You’re a nice guy. Maybe in a year or two, when you have a grasp on things, we can talk.”


“Ok. I’ve got to get back in there and head up the Heroes of Canada meeting. We’ll see you around?”

“Hey Thunderfoot. Why did the Heroes of Canada let you in, when your power is running fast?”

“Are you serious? Come on Whip-It!”

“No. You said my power is dumb and stupid, but so is yours. All you do is run fast. You aren’t strong.”

“I never said…”

“And you can’t punch hard. You don’t have super strength.”


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