It doesn’t matter how far removed from America you are, if you are a writer, you can’t help but stop and think that you should write something heartfelt and sensitive on this day.

And that is where I find myself in a difficult place. Because as harrowing and terrifying as this day was for a nation, and the world, it was…

I leaned back in my chair, rubbing my eyes.

I had been trying to write a September 11th piece for almost four hours. Everything that came out was terrible.

Those three sentences were terrible. Long, run-on sentences that made it sound like I didn’t care about the dead. It sounded like I wasn’t hurting with those that had lost loved ones that day. It came across like I was somehow better or above the reality that this day was unique in human history.

The whole world stopped to watch.

One plane. Then another.

The screaming. The billowing clouds of smoke and dust. The tears that were shed.

I leaned forward, fingers back on the keyboard. Control, A. Delete. I felt better having erased all that writing. But I was still stuck.

What do you say on a day like today?