A poet once said that, “to sit in the clouds would be to sit at the feet of the gods.”

I don’t know what they were thinking. God is not up here in the clouds. And as I look down on humanity from my throne of white vapour, all I can think is, “What god could save them from me?”

People have often wondered what would happen if superpowers or special abilities or genetic mutations became a reality, or common place. They have filled books and been dramatized on the big screen. But they never considered that only one person would have these “gifts”.

Too often it was a team or a league of individuals that had great power, and took that power and used it responsibly. Fighting for justice. Avenging the deaths of innocents.

Ha. What childish ideas, infantile notions really.

This is reality. I am the only one in the world with power. And that power is unlimited, unstoppable.

I look down on the scrambling masses from the clouds, and I smile. My dreams will soon take shape. My mighty hands will create a world in my image and for my glory.

I am the only superpower, Zeus.